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Texas Warmth And A Human Touch

Founded in Dallas in 1983, Campbell Travel has been focused on creating a better way for 40 years. We have grown alongside the evolution of travel and have actively participated in industry firsts, but in some ways we are just getting started.

Our Texas Roots

Dallas is our home, and has been for 40 years. We grew with Dallas and stayed near home for about 20 years becoming one of the largest regional agencies in the nation. As our clientele began to move across the country they would take us with them, expanding our services across the United States, but taking with us Texas warmth and service with heart.

Our headquarters are still located in Dallas and we are proud to be a 100% U.S. based agency. We believe that service should still be conducted with a trustworthy handshake and a smile, and although the world of technology is moving fast, we never underestimate how meaningful human centered interactions can be.

We couldn’t do it without our Partners

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In 1982, Bob Campbell was planning a trip to Europe for his parents and his wife, Tina. Bob was left trying to figure out how to go about booking the trip. There was no online searching, no travel reviews, no Internet at all. This was before airline deregulation, and airfares were extremely high! Air charter companies were popping up and offering discount pricing but in order to make a booking you had to call, and wait-times were as long as several hours…

Bob began calling, but the telephone lines were always busy. Not to be dissuaded, Bob woke up one Wednesday night at 2:30 AM, and lo and behold the phone was answered and he was finally able to book his family trip.

But this whole experience got Bob thinking “there must be a better way!” Thus Campbell Travel was born in 1983.

Bob grew up as an Air Force “brat” where he developed a love of travel. Moving across the United States every few years gave Bob a sense of adventure and he was fortunate to have seen much of the country before turning 15.

His father, a career Air Force officer “role modeled” key attributes to Bob, such as: never give up, be honest, always do the best job that you can, and serve by treating others how you would like to be treated.

When Campbell Travel was born Bob wove these core values along with his passion for travel into our business model, and built an agency that puts people first and technology second, but a very close second.

Today our core values are: Service, Integrity, Partnerships and Progression

At the heart of our business is service. We take our level of service to our clients very personally and we are constantly learning from and adapting to our clients’ needs. When adding technology to our suite of services, we are constantly asking ourselves: is this truly a benefit to the customer, or will this create unnecessary frustration?

Our mission is to deliver cutting edge solutions to clients through technology and a human touch. We never underestimate what it means to connect with a real person on the other end of the phone.

We are proud to have served our clients for 40 years and are looking forward to being of assistance for many more. We are grateful to have an amazing staff dedicated to finding a “better way” to be of assistance to of our clients.

We are seizing the opportunities that we have now to usher in this new era of travel. One that is focused on tailored offerings, sustainable solutions, data driven decision making and so much more. We know that we can provide a better way to manage and experience travel for many years to come.

What our clients say about us

We take customer service personally and are continually striving to create better experiences and be known as a trusted travel partner. Our team absolutely loves delighting our customers and it shows in what our customers have to say.

There are technology companies and service companies, but a partner that excels at both is a rare gem.

– Andrea H

My trips are so well planned I’m at ease knowing everything is set up. Plus you have all the information in one spot.

– S Hoffman

They go above and beyond to take care of us. This alone has made my experience with Campbell great.

– M Moore

Travel rep was very knowledgeable and efficient. Got everything booked very quickly!

– Amy S