Campbell Lodging

Campbell Lodging

Delivering specialized travel solutions to solve niche needs in the travel industry and provide cost savings across the board.

Campbell Lodging blends a consultative, problem-solving approach with a robust technology stack and high-touch service, to help clients save money where lodging is the primary travel component.

We support solutions for Crew, Workforce, Executive Assistant, and TripLink travel programs, whereby each solution is custom-tailored to solve unique problems, restoring employee productivity and lost data, while providing increased bottom line results.

Crew Lodging Concepts

We provide easy-to-deploy dispatcher or travel arranger technology solutions that efficiently integrate into existing workflows, resulting in improved operations, more efficient staffing, increased employee safety, and accurate reporting.

With our booking technology, dispatchers or arrangers can reserve multiple rooms, assign roommates or relief crews, and can capture all of the necessary billing information, while taking advantage of deeply discounted crew lodging rates. Whether you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles or multiple crews on various job sites, Campbell has you covered.

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Workforce Lodging Concepts

Do your team members drive personal vehicles and need mobile self-booking capabilities? Do you need a branded solution for your corporate travel? Our Workforce Lodging Concepts tool is great for pharmaceutical or retail display set reps who drive to cover a territory.

We also provide an online hotel booking engine that seamlessly integrates over 200 different Internet providers. We support your traveling workforce.

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Executive Admin Lodging Concepts

Are your Executive Assistants responsible for handling hotel reservations for your Executive Team? Are they expected to ensure high standards and unique requirements?

Executive Admin Lodging Concepts contains rich media content and guest reviews, while also providing a broad spectrum of Internet rates not normally provided in traditional travel programs. The platform includes the ability to book group blocks and reserve meeting space.

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