Why Your Corporate Travel Company’s NPS Score Matters

What is an NPS Score?


“NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a customer satisfaction metric that measures, on a scale of 0-10, the degree to which people would recommend your company to others.” source

Basically, NPS tells you how satisfied a variety of customers are with your brand and whether or not those customers would recommend your brand to similar consumers. 

To calculate this score, you need to review the experiences and satisfaction of previous consumers. 

As a business, this can most easily be done through online surveys


Email is the easiest platform to share a survey with current and former consumers. Endless online automation tools make email communication simple and affordable while effectively connecting with online leads.

Whether you start your email campaign from scratch or take advantage of the many attractive and engaging templates available, a well planned and strategized email marketing campaign is sure to engage target audiences and re-engage former consumers. 


Promoting your rating through your website will capture the greatest number of leads. Most leads will first engage with your brand via your homepage, so encouraging responses to this rating system will increase your chances of collecting a variety of submissions. When new consumers see your high score, they are also more likely to engage with your brand as your reputation improves. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your reviewer base, you can separate consumers into categories based on their satisfaction with your brand.

  • +9/10 = Promoter

    • Would recommend the product/service to a friend
    • These consumers are most valuable as consumers value the opinions of real customers over the paid suggestions of brands
  • 7-8/10 = Passive

    • Are mostly neutral regarding a brand
    • These customers can be the most dangerous as they are unloyal and likely to turn to new producers based on price or special offers
  • 0-6/10 = Detractor 

    • Would likely not recommend to a friend
    • Detracting customers obviously hurt a brand identity by disgracing the name of the brand and tarnishing the reputation


How to Measure NPS


Your NPS score signals to potential leads the value you bring to your current consumers. To determine that numerical value, follow these simple steps:

1. Host survey collecting opportunities regarding customer loyalty and satisfaction

2. Break down respondents into groups

  • Detractors, passives, and promoters

3. Take the total group value and divide by the total number of respondents

  • This can exemplify how impactful your survey campaigns are among current audiences

4. Subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters

  • Doing so will reveal the difference between consumers who are satisfied and who are displeased with current products/services


How to Find the Best Corporate Travel Management Company


1. Know What You Need

To know what you need to change, you must first assess what is and isn’t working for your company. 

This need can greatly depend on the extent of your travel program – how often you travel, where you travel, the experience of your employees, etc. 

For example, certain companies may require greater levels of security than others, where perks such as registration and flight monitoring could seriously interrupt or improve your travel experience.

2. Know Your Priorities

The extent of your travel program will determine the needs and priorities of your business and employees.

In general, corporations hope to collect data related to the corporate trips their employees take. Customized reporting informs managers of the activities, habits, and priorities of employees while traveling domestically and abroad.

As a manager, you also want to prioritize the comfort and quality of travel, so corporate meeting and travel managers are essential to maximizing the experience of both clients and employees. Make the most of travel opportunities by prioritizing not only the end goal of meetings but also the overall experience.

3. Compare the Competitors

Ultimately, the value you provide to both clients and employees relies on your comparison to competitors. 

One of the main means of judging a corporate travel management company is comparing services…

  • Look for companies offering advanced services such as customized reporting, trip monitoring, and rate shopping.  
  • Read reviews of CTM’s and compare customer satisfaction to find the companies that provide consistent value.


Which CTM you choose ultimately comes down to which company provides the services most closely aligned to your needs. Each business is unique with specific travel plans and necessities, so shopping for the best option can take some time, but using this guideline will help to point you in the right direction to find a CTM with the right services for your business’s needs.