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You can trust Andi
Charmaine Lampert

Professional, honest and efficient combined with enthusiasm, knowledge and trustworthy make up the amazing qualities of Andi, my travel agent. Whether it is a budget or one of my trips where I splurge, she will make sure it is all organized and I don't have to worry about anything, besides following the directions on itinerary.

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Best Travel Agent
Neil Herson

Andi Gordon is outstanding .. knowledgeable, always friendly and Willing to go the extra mile. I have used her for years, and will always only use her. She makes travel easy and I can't wait to book any of my personal trips w her , Her global knowledge is tremendous and she always finds the best locales, Best places to go to, and makes sure that the travel plan has been thoughtfully planned, she Follows up on execution, and always finds the best deals available on air tickets and hotels . She is my one stop shop for travel and love working w her !!! I always recommend her To anybody looking to plan a trip. My travel planner of choice !! Thank you Andi ... you are truly appreciated!

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Cruise Trip
Oscar Martinez

It was great! She was very helpful and nice! Our trip was wonderful, she organized everything very well, answered all our questions and gave us a very good service. I will definitely use her again!

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Another AMAZING trip!
Mike Parra

Marisa has been our trusted trip planner for decades now! We go to some pretty out of the way places and Marisa ALWAYS comes through for us! There has never been a glitch.... in all the years! I don’t know what I would do without her!

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Eugene Short

It was great! She was able to get me to Africa and back with good connect times and very reasonable price. Very pleased with the service I received.

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Awesome Trip
Doris McConnell

Our second trip to Ireland arranged by Marisa was awesome. Both times the extra perks and individual care were excellent. Marisa searched for the best deals and all her suggestions were great. We will never take another major trip without using Marisa to plan it. Excellent service and always cheerful responses!

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Heavenly Sunsets Cruise
Jerome Poglitsch

Mary Jean is the ultimate professional. Our accommodations, travel arrangements, and transportation were just as we wished. Mary Jean is always a prompt responder, solving any issues and giving great advice about accommodations, dining, excursions, classes, and educational opportunities. We always know when Mary Jean plans our travel, everything will be beyond perfection. Her personal experience as a traveler is always appreciated as her knowledge is infinite.

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TravelDesigns by Campbell
Maurice Lee

Mary Jean has worked with us many times arranging our cruise experiences. She is BEST! Mary Jean goes out of her way to accommodate our every request. She tells us exactly what to expect regarding every segment of our itinerary. We ALWAYS call Mary Jean when we think of cruises abroad and in the U.S. You cannot go wrong dealing with Mary Jean and TravelDesigns by Campbell.

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MJ is a Traveler’s Dream!
James Weber

We were on our dream 29 day Regent Navigator Pacific Cruise, LA to Aukland. We had a great embarkation and first day. MJ made sure we were well taken care of. Unfortunately we had one calamity after another. I was in touch with Mary Jean constantly. She could not have been more helpful or compassionate. She rearranged our departure plans. She was a true magician. She saw to it that they practically carried my husband through the Aukland airport. Love Mary Jean! I would not travel without her!

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Lana Blekher

We have been using Yelena for many years, she is fabulous. She listens to our wishers and takes care of all details. Yelena provides 5 star service!!! We are so lucky, to have her as our travel adviser. We would not consider traveling anywhere in the country or the world, without Yelenas recommendations and advice. Lana.

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Suzanne Durham

Lori is amazing - she has handled our travel needs for the past 5 years and she is the best! She leaves no stone unturned - she arranges "extras" that we could never even dream of. It is always personal with Lori...we know she truly cares about our experience (as well as those of all of her clients' I'm sure). HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND LORI KEY!

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Knows all the best luxury places!
Cyd Brown

Lori did a fabulous job planning all the details out of our trip! She made sure to have people at the airport meeting us that spoke English and were able to efficiently get us to our hotels and checked in. It was a lifesaver for some of the more confusing airports and let us just relax and enjoy the trip!

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Fantastic planning start to finish!
Suzanne Durham

Lori planned a fabulous trip for us to Charlottesville, VA with 3 generations attending. She covered all of the bases for such a wide age gap. She was always available for any snafus that came up (we had none) and really made this a special weekend for all of us. And Lori is continuously so positive - her high energy and kindness are contagious. She makes planning the trip almost as fun as the trip itself!! We HIGHLY recommend Lori for any and all travel!

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American Cruise Lines
Stanton Fischer

John is superb - we have had him as our advisor for many years and many trips. He does a perfect job and we are now personal friends. He also works with our children. Nothing but the highest regard for John.

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Happy travelers!
Nancy Beal

John was, as usual, a delight with whom to work. He is professional, patient, very helpful and very good at what he does. Wouldn't think of doing a trip without his help.

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New Zealand 2018
John Anderson

My wife coordinated everything directly with Linda and Rachel, but the trip was amazing! All of the various excursion groups we used were fantastic and everything was arranged ahead of time including transportation so we never had to worry about anything. The Trip Plans app was great - we could access all relevant data offline so connectivity was not an issue. It was organized by date which made it easy to find things. Only 2 tiny things worth mentioning - I think it would be beneficial to understand the cost of specific activities ahead of time so we can appropriate pick and choose based on budget without going back and forth and taking up your time. Also, would be good to understand tipping protocol ahead of time - when it is and is not appropriate to tip and what is a standard amount. This trip was absolutely the trip of a lifetime and we definitely hope to plan similar trips to other destinations soon!

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Machu Picchu
David Glover

We have total confidence in Joe to make our trips exceptional experiences. He always exceeds our expectations. Our most recent trip was to Machu Picchu and it was outstanding. Joe made sure we were in the best hotels and with the best guides. The entire trip including flights was great.

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Quality of Your Travel Experience
David Glover

Joe is a professional! He is our go to expert on travel anywhere in the world. Joe is connected with every resource you should consider when organizing a 5 star travel experience. His great suggestions on each of our trips have added extra value. Joe also is always looking out for his clients and not just about reservations. On our most recent trip to London there was an international incident in the news. The first inquiry about our safety was Joe! We were not near the problem but Joe wanted to be sure. We really appreciate Joe !!

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Traveling made easy!
Anna Roberts

Joe makes travel arrangements super easy throughout the whole process. You only have to provide a few parameters up front and he will provide the rest. We loved our hotel and the travel tours Joe booked for my husband and I. He goes beyond just booking a reservation and performs follow-up on your behalf. He genuinely cares about his client's trip and experience. I seriously don't think anyone could have done a better job!

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Best Vacation Ever!!
Clayton Haley

Camilla did an amazing job in getting our trip to Walt Disney World set up. It was absolutely flawless!! We have never had an easier traveling or vacation experience. Camilla really matched everything that we wanted!! I will always work with Camilla in the future. Thanks again for providing us with such a special experience!!

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Excellent Travel Agent
Richard Kreekon

Camilla is always professional & committed to make our travels the best times of our lives. We know we can depend on her to get us the perfect cruise. She is GREAT!!!

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Royal Caribbean Cruise
Jessica Frey

Jessica was wonderful to work with - she found a perfect fit for the vacation we were looking for and took care of making sure we had all the right documents and information needed prior to the trip! I would highly recommend her services!

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Attentive Service
Andrew Fritz

Jessica was highly attentive to our specific desires. My wife and I are both seasoned international travelers. We are a-typical in a number of ways and normal packaged one-size-fits all trips are not for us. We normally plan our own trips in detail. That lets us create exactly the trip we want. For this trip, we went to Jessica as an expediency due to limited time to plan. We explained our specific preferences and she found (and created) multiple options that fit our desired experience and unique travel style well. She also carefully conveyed several food allergy related meal requirements and we had to do very little on site other than say, yes, they had it right. There was one weather related hiccup on the trip, with one of our lodges closing due to flooding. Jessica stepped in to solve the problem when the tour operator did a very poor job of communicating or solving the problem. Overall I'm extremely happy with the trip and Jessica.

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Great Trip to Kauai
Melissa Glynn

Jessica was fantastic! She was able to take care of a majority of my travel needs from hotel to transportation. She got us upgrades we weren't able to get on our own. Seriously, she made planning this trip SO much easier!

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Informative and Organized

I was lucky to have been a part of the recent group to Cabos planned by Marisa Stephens—it was the Senior trip of daughters, sons, and mothers (our children go to school together) and we all had a blast! This was my 5th time to visit Cabos and not only was Marisa very informative of the area, but she was also extremely organized offering suggestions and different options for our group of 40 people! Prior to the trip she also sent our group all the necessary information regarding COVID restrictions/requirements and links to immigration forms which was very helpful.

She did an amazing job and again it was such a great time!

Sincerely, Shannon J.