How to Choose a Corporate Travel Management Company

Every day, over 1.3 million business trips take place in the US alone. Corporate travel is a massive portion of the travel industry, with most businesses working independently to manage trips. If frequent travel is part of your job description, you understand how time-consuming and frustrating travel management can be. With the help of a travel management company (TMC), you can reduce the stress without increasing your budget; in fact, working with the right TMC could even save you money while optimizing your program.

What Does a TMC Do?

A travel management company is used by professional organizations to manage business travel. 

Beyond simply booking and rescheduling flights, experienced TMCs ensure you and your employees are getting the best rates and the highest quality service while also protecting individuals and your company around the globe. By managing disruptions to reduce friction and mitigating risk with advanced services, the most competitive TMCs go above and beyond to bring you the best corporate travel experience

Why Do I Need a TMC?

When traveling for business, you know the logistics are much more complicated than simply booking a flight and hotel, especially for those who travel internationally. There are many pieces that need to fall into place in order to provide a safe, stress-free travel experience. 

Many businesses find that they simply do not have the man-power to manage all the moving parts of corporate travel. To smooth out the process and erase time wasted on rate shopping, many are turning to TMCs. 

Many managers feel they do not have the knowledge to ensure they are getting the best rates and opportunities that benefit both the company and the traveler. Experience can make a huge difference in how successful, enjoyable, and affordable your trip is, so working with professionals who understand the in’s and out’s of the industry can reassure that you are always getting the best deal. Leave the contract negotiations to the pros so you can focus on your duties to your company. 

What to Look for in a TMC

When choosing a TMC, you want someone who can do more than just schedule flights. Working with the most competitive, advanced TMCs will provide you with opportunities to improve travel and protect employees in ways you might never have imagined. 

5 Services You Should Look For

1. Automatic Rebooking Services

Much of the frustration of traveling comes from unexpected delays. Especially when flying, anything from a bit of rain to systems malfunctions can completely throw off your travel plans. 

Having a TMC constantly monitor your travel options takes the frustration out of finding another flight. Advanced monitoring systems mean that your employees will be booked for the next available flight before they even realize their original plans were changed. Taking the stress out of finding transportation options reduces much of the stress of traveling, meaning your employees can focus on the task at hand.

2. Rate Shopping

The next time you need a last-minute rebooking, don’t worry that you’ll be stuck paying a last-minute price. Perpetual rate shopping from TMCs mean that you are always getting the best option, even if you have already made a decision. 

If a TMC finds that there is a room available for a better price, or better accommodations available elsewhere, you will automatically be rebooked for the better option. 

Not only do you save money, TMCs always ensure you are providing the best experience possible. Just because it’s corporate travel doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be enjoyable! 

3. Risk Management

One of the greatest responsibilities of a manager is to guarantee employees’ safety at all times; one of the greatest roles of TMCs is to help managers provide the best travel experiences for employees. 

With advanced risk management technology, TMCs can track employees domestically and internationally. Whenever there is a threat nearby, advanced TMCs can contact the employee and provide services to get them to a safe place. Professional TMCs can quickly contact local embassies and governments to implement crisis plans and local support. Whether it’s adverse weather or local crime and violence, TMCs will take your employees out of harms way no matter where you do business. 

4. Travel Reporting

The only way to know if your travel management strategy is effective is by tracking and reviewing data collected from your travels. 

TMCs can track corporate travel data to reveal expense trends and inconsistencies in travel patterns. By knowing exactly how well your travel plan is functioning you can make changes to optimize your strategy. 

Besides simply reporting data regarding your travel patterns, the best TMCs will give in-depth analysis into your data. This ensures you fully understand what is being reported so you are able to appropriately make adjustments that will improve your strategy. 

5. Corporate Meeting Management

The best TMCs don’t just abandon you after finding a flight. TMCs can assist with every step of your business trip, including finding the best locations for meetings and conferences.

Want more than just a hotel room? Find the best rates for cruises with professionals who know how to negotiate corporate contracts. Need transportation between locations? Schedule air and ground transportation no matter where you go. 

TMCs can do so much more than just manage travel schedules. Once you get on-site, some TMCs offer audio/visual assistance, signage creation, activities management, and meeting materials design and creation. 

Take all the stress out of putting together a great business event by handing over the most difficult aspects to professionals with the experience and skills to get the job done. From booking the location to finding catering services to designing and running a fantastic event, competitive TMCs can take your business events to the next level without going over your budget or adding to your stress. 


Ultimately, who you choose to work with will be a company that melds with your goals and values. By researching and comparing available options, you are more likely to find a company that will work well in your current strategy and help you expand upon your current corporate travel program. 

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