From the Beginning of Campbell Travel to Now

For over 36 years, Campbell Travel has grown to be one of the best known Travel Management Companies in Texas; with its most recent accomplishment being the recipient of the 2019 Dallas Award in the Travel Agency Category.

Since Campbell Travel began, they have had clients of all shapes and sizes, but the clients who have the most success have had high expectations of their vendors and value a partnership. Campbell Travel employees work hard to help their clients accomplish their business goals and objectives while providing excellent service. 


Producing High ROI

With a focus on delivering results for its customers and providing meaningful ROI, Campbell Travel is able to provide a high level of service, contributing to its continuous growth. The company closely monitors its Net Promoter Score, or NPS, which is based on clients’ ratings of the company. Campbell finds it extremely important to strive for excellence and to continuously improve its services.


Serving the US

Campbell Travel’s partnerships and innovative technology allow them to have nationwide reach; but with 24/7 service, online booking, and access to over 400 airlines worldwide, its customers utilize its services far beyond the United States. 

The company also ensures that its clients’ travelers are safe while traveling domestically and abroad. Campbell Travel has a security and duty of care partner that allows them to monitor and alert employees in the event of an emergency. 


Utilizing Innovative Technology

Along with quality service, the company utilizes cutting-edge technology to help enhance its services further and ease the stress of travel. Corporate travel offers unique stresses, in addition to the normal frustrations of travel, you have to remain productive while on the go. Campbell specifically looks for new methods to help business travelers and the organizations they work for remain productive, save money, and have the best experience possible, through: 

  • Continuously looking for a better seat, even after the flight is booked, to ensure a productive and comfortable flight
  • Tracking flight disruptions so necessary changes can be made to keep you on schedule and avoid long lines after missed connections 
  • Monitoring hotel rates and availability to get the traveler the best room and their organization the best rate


Many companies can tout great customer service and innovative technologies, but when it comes down to it, Campbell Travel cares. The company cares about its staff, customers, and technology partners – creating a culture of respect and trust. Leadership is always looking for ways to improve the business, staff members and customers that fit the culture, and new, innovative ways to serve its clientele.