Pro-Active Trip Monitoring


Campbell Travel WingMan

Constant flight monitoring is no longer a manual process reserved just for VIP travelers. Campbell Travel’s corporate travel program leverages cutting-edge technology for our corporate clients, enabling your travelers to experience minimal travel interruptions.

How do we do it?

Campbell Travel has partnered with a leading real-time global flight data technology provider to ensure that all your travelers are quickly and efficiently rebooked when there are interruptions to their flight itinerary. Your travelers are also kept abreast of anything affecting their trip through messaging.

Canceled flights rebooked fast

WingMan knows immediately when flights are delayed or canceled, often before your traveler even knows there is a problem, so our agents can quickly make the best alternative arrangements while seats are still available. WingMan also matches airline waivers to your affected travelers so that changes can be made without paying airline change fees.

What is the benefit?

WingMan is an automated solution that monitors travel schedules at all times and offers rebooking within minutes. The speed of this service allows our clients to travel with confidence, ensuring that minimal time is wasted due to itinerary changes. WingMan can also help avoid the expense of after-hours calls and unplanned hotel stays due to a stranded traveler’s itinerary changes.