Duty of Care


Campbell Travel TravSecur

Campbell Travel’s corporate travel program partners with a leading international security/duty of care firm to deliver added risk management and security to all of our clients’ employees.

How do we do it?

Campbell’s risk management partner was founded by ex-military intelligence and security officers. This solution is the first to solve the privacy concerns of tracking employees by utilizing “ghosting” and one of the only solutions that allow for customizable geo-fencing. Through this partnership, Campbell Travel is able to offer our clients access to tools for enhanced security and communications.

Risk management for all employees

TravSecur provides the infrastructure and technology to locate and warn all employees in the event of an emergency when they are traveling both domestically and internationally. Through TravSecur you can quickly see where your employees are, communicate with local embassies, and when needed, implement crisis plans that include local support representatives.

What is the benefit?

With employees based in multiple locations and possibly traveling anywhere in the world, additional layers of challenges and liabilities have been created for corporations. Campbell Travel has partnered and integrated with the most powerful and effective risk management system available in the market today.