Perpetual Rate Shopping


Campbell Travel HotelRateAssure

Hotel rate volatility leads to savings and upgrades. Campbell Travel leverages TRIPBAM for all of our corporate accounts. Through perpetual shopping, we are able to offer our clients superior accommodations at the best rate possible.

How do we do it?

Travelers book the best hotel rate possible and then Campbell’s TRIPBAM continues to try to beat that rate until the time of travel. TRIPBAM monitors constantly changing hotel rates and when rates drop at the hotel on the reservation or at comparable hotels nearby, HotelRateAssure provides an alert or an offer to book at a lower rate.

Rebooking is easy

Travelers are notified of the offer and have the opportunity to accept or reject the new price or hotel. When the offer is accepted, TRIPBAM automatically reserves the hotel room at the new rate.

What is the benefit?

TRIPBAM results in significant annual savings for our clients and often improved accommodations for the traveler.