The Campbell Story

Paris - Campbell Story

The Campbell Travel Beginning…

In 1982, Bob Campbell was planning a trip to Europe for his parents and his wife, Tina. In those days, it was extremely expensive to travel by air – this was prior to airline fare “wars” and lower prices as a result of deregulation.

And Bob was left trying to figure out, “What’s the most affordable way to get there?”

Newspaper advertising showed cheaper prices using chartered air flights…but which company had the lowest prices and best service? There was no Google Search, no reviews, no Internet at all– so it was very hard to compare.

Back then, the only way you could make a plane reservation and buy a ticket was to either drive down to the airport ticket counter, or call. Compounding Bob’s problem, the charter companies didn’t even have ticket counters at airports…which meant he couldn’t drive down, his only option was to call.

So, Bob began calling, but the huge demand for lower prices meant that the telephone lines were always busy, and his phone calls didn’t get answered. Bob either got a busy signal when calling, or was on eternal hold. This continued for several days.

Not to be dissuaded, Bob woke up one Wednesday night at 2:30 AM, and lo and behold – the phone was answered and he was finally able to book his family to Frankfurt, Germany with Davis International at a very good price!

But this whole experience got Bob to thinking. The booking process was unreasonably time consuming and horrible; what if there were a company that could simplify obtaining a reservation, assist travelers with their options, and provide terrific service? Thus, Campbell Travel was born in 1983.

Our Mission Statement:

We simplify travel in a complex world; delivering unique solutions through passion, knowledge, and expertise. Our Vision: We aspire to deliver world-class travel and be recognized as the premier choice.

Bob grew up as an Air Force “brat” and was very fortunate to have moved around the United States every few years. Bob began to really enjoy traveling – helping his dad load up the family car and being the “shotgun” seat navigator driving across the country from one coast to the other.

Sometimes travel meant driving on the now historic Route 66, even assisting his dad in attaching a radiator bag to the front grill (in case the car overheated). Back then, you might drive 50 miles between gas stations in the heat of the desert, and you had to be prepared. Looking back, what an experience that was!

Bob’s dad was a 1940 graduate of West Point, a two-star general who saw combat in World War II, serving in both North Africa and Italy. To Bob, he was “larger than life” and was a major positive influence in his character development.

His father, by his charismatic nature, naturally commanded respect and “role modeled” key attributes to Bob, such as: never give up, be honest, always do the best job you can, and serve by treating others how you would like to be treated.

These are very important values at the heart of both Bob and Campbell Travel. To this day, we do our best to live up to these Core Values:

Passion; Integrity; Servant Leadership; Life Learner; Fun and Friendly; Health and Wellness.

The Campbell Travel Story