Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell

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Bill Campbell began his career in ticket delivery with Campbell Travel as a high school student in 1984. In 1986, Bill left Dallas to attend college at Texas Tech University, graduating with a BBA from the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech in 1991. Bill was a Distinguished Graduate and winner of the Texas Tech University President’s Award and was subsequently commissioned a Regular Officer in the United States Air Force.
Bill proudly served his country as a pilot, commanding worldwide missions in the C-5 Galaxy until 1997, and as an Instructor and Evaluator for the advanced phase of UPT, in the T-1 Jayhawk, until early 2001.

Bill’s military experience; whereby, you often don’t have a roadmap, you may have to chart new direction, you have to make quick decisions with limited information, and may have to determine creative ways to overcome challenges, helped Bill to pave an innovative path, as the company’s CEO from 2002 – 2016.

In 2015, Campbell was recognized as the 59th largest U.S. Travel Management Company, as reported by Travel Weekly’s Power List. (Read full article here)

During these years, Campbell embraced the contrarian strategy of online bookings as the first TMC reseller for Rearden Commerce (Deem); automated nonessential processes to cut middle costs as the first Texas customer of GDSX; automated expense reports via Concur; and, pioneered virtual payment technology with AirPlus International.

In 2016 Bill, now a Partner, and part owner of Campbell, became the company’s Visionary, helping to explore new and inventive solutions such as booking and support via Chatbots, improved service via Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain biometric security, and Hotel Cluster-shopping / Perpetual Price Drop Re-shopping technology.

Bill is a tech savvy futurist and a problem solver, who looks for ways to differentiate the business to create a competitive advantage, through listening to, and serving the customer.

Bill currently heads the company’s newest division, Innovative Lodging Concepts, which is helping to revolutionize and disrupt archaic niche markets where lodging is the main focus of a company’s travel program. Bill has also served on advisory boards for Deem, Concur, Hickory Travel Systems, as well as industry think tanks.