About Campbell Travel

Campbell Travel has been on the forefront of the travel industry since 1983.

Corporate Travel

We’ve built a track record of success by not just keeping up with the trends, but looking ahead to what’s coming up on the horizon, so we can serve you better.
We believe in innovative solutions to everyday travel needs. Our approach allows us to deliver the quality and service clients need throughout a lifetime of travel, both for business and for pleasure.

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Leisure Travel

For our leisure clients, we have allied with Virtuoso, allowing us to offer unparalleled destinations and luxury experiences.
Our fully-rounded suite of travel services allows us to meet or exceed all of our clients’ travel needs, whether for business or pleasure.

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The Campbell Travel Story

Early in the 1980s, Campbell Travel founder Bob Campbell was planning a trip to Europe with his wife. Since charter air was the cheapest way to go, that was his plan.

Campbell Travel Leadership


Our Mission

We simplify travel in a complex world; delivering unique solutions through passion, knowledge, and expertise.

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Our Vision

We aspire to deliver world-class travel services and be recognized as the premier choice.

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Our Values


We are honest, respectful, and do the right thing.


We are proactive, creative, and embrace change. We think differently by continuously challenging ourselves and the process.

Life Learner

We learn, teach each other, and stay relevant.

Servant Leadership

We focus on the needs of others, especially team members, before considering our own.

Fun & Friendly

You may not always see us but you will hear our friendly smiles.

Health & Wellness

We take care of ourselves so we can take care of you.