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Our Approach

TravelSolutions by Campbell  has been at the leading edge of travel management for over 30 years. Our clients’ success is based on best technology available combined with the human element that provides expertise and top-of-the-line customer service and program management. We have a commitment to best-in-class solutions to serve companies at every level of growth and travel spend.

Travel management is an effective tool to manage your bottom line and grow your business. Our team works with yours to create a seamless experience for your travelers and managers.

The best travel management programs increase employee productivity and satisfaction by making their jobs easier, providing the tools they need to be successful, and ensuring their safety.

Account Management


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Financial Controls

Cost of travel is one of the largest controllable expenses in a company, often ranking second or third among all controllable expenses. An effective travel management program can help improve the bottom line and increase company value. A professionally managed program provides a measurable impact to a company's finances through leveraging and negotiating rates, managing travelers and tickets, monitoring expenditures, providing reporting on travel costs, identifying cost savings, and providing meaningful data and analytics to control and manage spend.

Traditional corporate travel management includes:

♦ Assessing travel needs and development of travel budgets (based on current spend and projected growth).

♦ Aggregating travel needs among departments to leverage total travel spend and negotiate discounts and preferred rates with suppliers.

♦ Managing and optimizing vendor relationships, including negotiated rates and agreements.

Overall savings from a well-managed program can run well into the millions for companies with significant travel. But even smaller companies will benefit from a travel management that can grow with them.

Policy Adherence

A professional travel management company ensures that travelers adhere to the travel policy to maximize cost savings and provide the greatest protection for travelers. Ensuring compliance with a policy is the best way to optimize travel savings from a management program. Without participation, negotiated discounts and rates are worthless. Policies that require participation by travelers ensure:

♦ Companies get the most from their negotiated rates and discounts.

♦ Maximum leverage for travel spend.

♦ Ticket management and control.

♦ Maximized overrides and incentive payments from negotiated contracts.

♦ Accurate data and reporting.

♦ Meaningful analysis  

♦ Policy adherence is vital for a well-managed travel program.

Safety and Efficiency

Beyond cost savings, companies have a duty of care to their employees who travel, and a vested interest in keeping them safe. A well-managed travel program minimizes a company's risk exposure. When a crisis does occur, real time information about travelers is critical to any crisis management plan.  The program must provide:

♦ Communications and notifications systems

♦ Employee tracking

♦ Crisis management

♦ Check-in tracking 

Embracing Technology

We understand that in a constantly changing environment, we need to keep up with the times. We embrace technology, making the most of what's available in the marketplace, while creating custom solutions to ensure that our clients have the best program and experience possible. We are always looking ahead to make sure we are providing the latest and greatest tools in the most innovative ways possible. Our customers and their employees need a program that works they way they do - on the go, in the office, and in the air. From booking tools to management tools, we provide hassle-free solutions.

A Great Travel Management Program Can Make All the Difference

Travel management is a valuable tool not just for travel managers, but for the executive team responsible for a company's success. Improving the bottom line profit, reducing and managing risk, maximizing benefits from travel programs, and providing actionable data to make companywide decisions are just a few of the benefits from a best-managed program. At Campbell Travel we are committed to helping companies create best-in-class programs that work for their specific blend of needs. Whether a company is just getting started building a travel management program, or simply needs help improving the one they have, we're here to help!

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