Manage travel & cover all your bases!


CampbellConnect open booking data capture service let’s you:

  • View booking data outside the TMC environment
  • Exercise duty of care policy enforcement
  • Increase supplier leverage
  • Store and access all itinerary details in one convenient place with Travel Command and Control Center (TC3)
  • Integrate to the travel consultant desktop so every traveler can be cared for when the need arises

Take the CampbellConnect Challenge

  • 30% or more hotels booked outside the managed program
  • Limited buying power to negotiate with suppliers.
  • Open booking culture that will support a travel ecosystem of preferred partners.
  • Employees looking at all travel content, including 3rd party travel sites.
  • Simple point-to-point airline reservation with goals to capture 100% of travel spend.

  • Hybrid approach with Supplier Direct Connect and GDS content
  • Less than 30% hotel leakage.
  • Direct bookings with hotel websites.
  • Conference attendance.
  • Usage of vendor promo codes to secure discounts.

  • Annualized hotel expenses of more than $10 million.
  • Company culture that mandate travel through one global TMC.
  • Inflexible corporate structure doing business under status quo procurement of travel culture.
  • High touch servicing requirements with over 75% of travel to international destinations and complex itineraries.