Save money & protect yourself!

If you fly a lot, you know that airline ticket change fees can add a lot to your travel expenses. Plans often change when you’re on the go and trying to seal that business deal. With Travel Solutions by Campbell’s proprietary technology we can take the financial sting out of changing your travel plans.

We are proud to offer yet another high-tech solution to your business travel needs. Our exclusive ChangeGuard program uses proprietary technology to help you avoid airline change fees throughout your travels.

Program options include:

ChangeGuard PreTrip – Allows traveler flexibility to change air travel plans to suit the needs of their customers. Sales people can be nimble when planning to visit that important prospect, to get that important deal closed. Our systems also look for savings on ticketed airfare, and we can tap into those savings normally not available due to the airline change fees. One of our customers saved $1,900 on one international flight when we were able to secure a lower rate and spare them the change penalty.

ChangeGuard Interrupt – Allows the en route traveler to vary their travel plans. For example, an en route traveler that needs to change a trip to get to another customer site quickly, or needs to lengthen a trip, can change their flight without penalty. Our road warriors may enjoy their jobs; however, consistent travel can be a grind, and traveler surveys indicate that many would appreciate a little corporate flexibility when they have the opportunity to return home early. Not only is this great for morale and increased employee productivity, but the ChangeGuard customer may also avoid the unnecessary $150/night hotel room, and the $42 a day car rental expense, over and above the $200 airline change penalty.

ChangeGuard Complete – Comprised of ChangeGuard PreTrip, which guards against change fees up to the day of travel, and ChangeGuard Interrupt, which guards against change fees during the trip. This bundled product covers the full life cycle of the ticket from booking until travel completion. It even covers fees on open, unused tickets when they are later applied to new tickets. With ChangeGuard Complete, cancel for any reason (PreTrip plus Interrupt). This option allows for maximum protection at a bundled rate.

Contact us about rates and how to sign up for savings opportunities with our new and improved ChangeGuard.