The Campbell Solution

shutterstock_126192059TravelSolutions by Campbell is a firm built on 30 years of Service Excellence, surrounded by a high-tech core, and led by a management team that takes a customer-centric, and vastly different, forward-looking approach to managing client spend.

We are entirely different from a traditional agency; however, we perform all of the functions of the traditional TMC. You might ask, what makes us so different? Typically, traditional agencies focus retroactively, on “what already happened” and “what did it cost”; whereas, TravelSolutions by Campbell focuses on “what is happening NOW” and “how can we intervene to alter the course BEFORE damage occurs”. Just like you wouldn’t dare to drive your car while only looking in the rearview mirror, we don’t believe in driving programs (that comprise most companies’ largest non-payroll expense) in that “crash-course” fashion.

Since we are so vastly different from a traditional agency, you will seldom see us participate in RFPs. During our sales process, you will find us listening to your challenges; instead of conducting a traditional sales presentation. We meet with top management as well as the day to day administrators, and custom-tailor our programs to each client’s specific needs. If we can’t improve your program, then we won’t ask for your partnership.

We also look for opportunities to change the competitive landscape of the industry through listening to our customers’ challenges. In doing this, we have developed solutions:

  • That enable completely automated, fraud-secure, card not present, central bill bookings;
  • That audit for negotiated hotel rates that might not have been loaded in the GDS (reservation system);
  • That allow the complete elimination of airline change fees;
  • That help our clients gain visibility on what might be happening outside of their managed program so that they can determine what level of policy controls are required and can exercise complete duty of care;
  • To perpetually shop rates looking for downward price movement;
  • To enable our clients to utilize Actionable Intelligence to drive every aspect of their program in real time

As one of the largest, independently owned TMC’s in the country, we are globally capable; however, we are also boutique when it comes to our approach to service. As one of the few, ultra-elite, high service, Virtuoso agencies, we handle celebrities and executives with the highest level of “white glove” care (in many cases, providing special amenities and upgrades at Virtuoso-sponsored properties).

In fact we care so much about service through out the booking and trip cycle, that every traveler receives an automated post-trip survey to allow us to gather feedback, process improvement opportunities, and meaningful information for our suppliers to use to improve their businesses.

Lastly, we don’t “manage” our clients; rather, we develop meaningful partnerships with our clients that tie into C–Level goals and objectives. We develop each client’s annual account development plan with sophisticated benchmarking software that allows us to run “what if” scenarios, and comprehensive analysis.

When business means travel….at TravelSolutions by Campbell we mean business!